May MAP - Dancing on the Rainbow


Presented by the PMA Music Foundation in association with the Music Therapy Development Centre, the fifth voluntary service of the Music Angel Program (MAP) will be held at the hall at Haven of Hope Sunnyside School on May 21, 2005 (Saturday). Two well-known musicians, Barbara Fei and Winnie Lin, are invited to be our "Stars of Angel" in this service.

This service will focus on the children who are mentally retarded. It comprises games, visiting, and a mini music performance. Two teams of Music Angels will play excerpts from Carmen including "Habanera" and "Colonel Bogey March" in conjunction with several integrated games among the children of mentally retarded and music angels in a hope to convey the message of better harmony within our community.

All Music Angels and their parents taking part in this service will attend a pre-service seminar entitled "Keys to Harmoniousness", which is conducted by Miss Joanna Chan Mei Yuk, founder of the Music Therapy Developmental Centre, while proper concepts as well as knowledge in dealing with people with various disabilities will be delivered.

Through the MAP, PMA Music Foundation wishes to encourage youths to participate in voluntary services. As Music Angels, they will learn to develop themselves into a philanthropic role model and to bring music, caress and laughter to the pre-defined target groups. Most of the Music Angels are voluntary from the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO).

Enclosed is a list of the scheduled services by which the Music Angels are in various forms of musical ensembles to pay visits to the pre-defined target groups once a month in a weekend from January to June 2005.

The MAP - a meaningful and interesting program for our next generation to learn to serve our community by means of music.


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