February MAP - Music Angels Bring a Jaunt to Children


Presented by the PMA Music Foundation in association with the Music Therapy Development Centre, the Music Angel Program (MAP) has been launched in January 2005 with high acclaims. Following the success of the kick-off ceremony, the second voluntary service of the MAP will be held at Haven of Hope K.C. Liang Po Lam Early Education & Training Centre on February 26, 2005 (Saturday). Prominent actress, Ms. Lily Poon Fong-fong and actor, Mr. William Lo Chun-ho will be the “Stars of Angels” for this service to extend their caress and kindness to children with developmental problems.

All Music Angels together with their parents will attend a pre-service seminar namely “Keys to Harmoniousness”, which is to be conducted by Miss Joanna Chan Mei Yuk, the founder of the Music Therapy Developmental Centre to deliver proper concepts and knowledge in dealing with people having various disabilities on February 25, 2005 (Friday) at 7pm at GR1, Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Through the MAP, the PMA Music Foundation wishes to encourage the youths to participate in voluntary services. As the Music Angels, the youths will learn to develop themselves into a philanthropic role model to bring music, caress and laughter to the pre-defined target groups. Most of the Music Angels have been selected from the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO).

Enclosed is a list of the scheduled services by which the Music Angels are to be in various forms of musical ensembles to pay visits to the pre-defined target groups once a month in a weekend from January to June 2005.

The MAP – a meaningful and interesting program to our next generation to learn to serve our community by means of music.
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