Jan MAP - Brings Harmony to our Community


PRESS RELEASE (Published Immediately)
January 20, 2005

“Music Angel Program” Brings Harmony to our Community

A series of voluntary projects collectively named the “Music Angel Program” (MAP) will be launched on January 29, 2005 (Saturday) at 4 p.m. at the Hong Kong Phab Association Shamshuipo PHAB Centre. The MAP is initiated by PMA Music Foundation in association with Music Therapy Development Centre, with the key objective of using music as a means to bring the disabilities and non-disabilities into a better harmony. Renowned guests including Peco Chui, Candy Chea, Lily Poon, William Lo, Nancy Loo, Chow Fan Fu, Rupert Chan, Peter Lam, and Yuen Kai Chi have been confirmed to support and take part in these voluntary projects. To kickoff the MAP, Yuen Kai Chi, famous film playwright, will be the first “Star of Angels”.

PMA Music Foundation are prepared to promote the voluntary services amongst the youths with the help of “Music Angels” who will be encouraged to set themselves a philanthropic role model to share the pre-defined target groups with music and laughter. Members of the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO) are encouraged to participate in the MAP as “Music Angels”, and free-of-charge training in the format of chamber ensembles will be offered to those successfully enrolled in the MAP. Further, the Music Angels and their parents will be invited to attend a seminar namely “Keys to Harmoniousness” conducted by Joanna Chan Mei Yuk, the founder of Music Therapy Developmental Centre, who will deliver the proper concepts as well as knowledge in dealing with people with various disabilities.

A list of scheduled projects is set out below under which the Music Angels in various groups of ensembles will visit the pre-defined target groups at a frequency of once a month in a weekend over the coming 6 months. The finale as well as not-to-be-missed highlight of the MAP will be the “Children Helping Children – Jian Wang & MYO” Charity Concert ”, which will be held on July 8, 2005 (Friday) at Hong Kong City Hall and July 9, 2005 (Saturday) at Sha Tin Town Hall, respectively.

The MAP – a meaningful and interesting program to our next generation to learn to serve our community by means of music.

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