Music Angel Orchestra

To Able, to Appreciate, to Accept and to Aspire: Embracing difference for the better

No matter disabilities are visible or invisible, they are often labeled and seen as weaknesses or disadvantages; subsequently it becomes a burden and depreciate one’s self-value. In MAO, we recognize, celebrate and honor differences, for every one of us is unique in this world, even you are one of the twins. 

“Differently-able” is the term we focus. In MAO, children with special educational needs are here under guidance to build their self-value and confidence through music. Gaining experience outside classroom of ordinary setting, we are to aspire them by widening their horizon and that of their families and unfold what these special group of young people could have achieved beyond anyone’s imagination.

We gather these special children with similar interest and passion to provide training and opportunities. We are here to embrace differences for creating a better world and aspire to bring a positive impact to society, taking disability from a different perspective.  

Music Angel Orchestra (MAO) comprises

-       12-month weekly rehearsal

-       Performance opportunities

-       Workshops with overseas artists